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No Fear! by pablo October 28, 2010
Been There, Done That!

I just pulled in late last night, and boy was the weekend non-stop excitement! (kid you not)

I flew into Dulles on Friday so I could spend a day exploring a great love of my life, AIRCRAFT. You name it, I love it. I've been all over the country in this, and a former life trying to get a gander at every plane ever built, from a Piper Cub to a B-36 (on my next trip - Dayton) I did 6 hours of bliss at the Udvar-Hazy branch of the Smithsonian at Dulles. I highly recommend it. I mean where else can you see the plane that killed over a 100,000 human beings, and still come away thinking the B-29 is a beautiful aircraft.
I got to the mall at about 10:30, and was going to spend an hour at the Smithsonian American Museum, but I was absolutely mesmerized by the mass of humanity pouring onto the mall. They were coming from every directions in huge waves of all ages, races, and any other category you can name, and everyone was smiling!

The crowds kept coming, and filled up every available square foot. In the 70's i went to a lot of D.C. demonstrations, and this blew them away, I would estimate 750,000 to a million.

The music was great, no real speechifying, but we all knew what we were there for... The worlds largest anti-tea party!

I got a lot of good feelings there that I will carry with me over the next few years of doom and gloom!

Now since I am not a blooger, just a hit and run Photoshoper, I bid adieu!

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In the make war, not peace division,
my personal fav of all times...
the P-38 Lightning!

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