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Local War on Terrorism by pablo September 10, 2010

Homegrown Terrorism
Flying Under the Radar?

Self-Described ‘Christian Counterpart To Osama Bin Laden' Arrested In Plot To Bomb Abortion Clinic

SoapBox says:

OH! Pious Freaks and Holy Weirdos time? Again?

Mr. “Christian and Religious” Nut can be added to this all-star list of Holy terrorists:

John Patrick Bedell – deranged right wing conspiracy theorist shoots it out with Pentagon Force Protection Agency Officers, wounding two.

Joseph Stack – anti-government, right wing extremist, flies his plane, kamikaze style, into an Austin, Texas building in which IRS offices are located, killing one American along with himself.

Scott Roeder – right wing extremist and pro-life religious zealot murders Dr. Tiller at his church in Kansas.

James von Brunn – White supremacist, Anti-Semite shoots and kills a security guard at the Holocaust museum in Washington DC.

Jim D. Adkisson – right wing extremist who hated blacks, gays and liberals, shoots and kills two Americans inside a church located in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Richard Poplawski – right wing extremist, believing that President Obama is going to take away his guns, ambushes and kills three Pittsbugh, PA policemen at his mothers front door.

James Cummings – Wealthy white supremacist, American Nazi party sympathizer, shot dead by his abused wife. Police found materials for a dirty bomb in the basement of his Bangor Maine home. Cummings was planing to kill fellow American citizens.

Timothy McVeigh – Right wing extremist blows up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City, OK., killing 168 American men, women and children.

Eric Rudolph – right wing extremist, set off bombs at Olympic Park, in Georgia and committing a series of bombings across the Southern United States, most bombings were directed at abortion clinics.

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