Roll Over George Orwell.... by pablo July 31, 2009

Rotisserie League

Newspeak 2.0


Not So Wild About Harry by pablo July 30, 2009

Rollover to Deal With Harry!


He Sees Nothing! by pablo July 30, 2009

Why is MSNBC Allowing Matthews to Repeat "Deathers" Rhetoric as Maddow Debunks Him on the Same Day?


Show Me the Loonies! by pablo July 30, 2009

Blinded by the Light Right?


Is it Better Than No Loaf? by pablo July 29, 2009

dday sez


Meet the Birther! by pablo July 29, 2009


Thanks Rahm! by pablo July 28, 2009

Dean: ‘What's the point of having a 60 vote majority' if you can't pass health reform?


WWWD? by pablo July 28, 2009


I'll Drink to That! by pablo July 25, 2009


Liz 'n Dick by pablo July 25, 2009

What Exactly Did Dick Cheney
Have on His Mind?

Bushies Tried To Do Away With Posse Comitatus


Kambridge Kops by pablo July 24, 2009


Bad Dog! by pablo July 24, 2009

Catch and Release by pablo July 23, 2009
Memo to the Cambridge Police Department:

You've got the right to remain stupid...

Cleanup in Aisle 3! by pablo July 22, 2009

WellingMint by pablo July 19, 2009

Party or Country for £100 Alex?

GOP's Socialist Fantasy by pablo July 18, 2009

World War I veteran Henry Allingham, died Saturday

WSJ's Skitzso Edo's by pablo July 18, 2009

Bizarro Ben by pablo July 18, 2009

And the Gang of Five
He Rode in on!

Pres Barack Obama 
Sen. Ben Nelson 

Only the Names Have Changed

August 12, 1994

THE HEALTH CARE DEBATE: THE SENATE; Centrist Group Is Seeking Consensus on Health Care

New York Times

A bipartisan group of senators, more concerned about cost controls and bureaucracy than about the loudly debated topics of universal coverage or employer mandates, met for nearly three hours tonight to try to clear a path to consensus in the health care debate.

The centrist group, which calls itself the "mainstream coalition," had a major role in the Senate Finance Committee debate several weeks ago, but has been in partial eclipse ever since.

But its Republicans are the most conciliatory voices in this week's Senate debate, and the Democratic allies of Senator George J. Mitchell of Maine, the majority leader, are eager to deal with them. These Democrats hope that some changes in Mr. Mitchell's bill could win their support, especially since the moderate Republicans' main concern does not appear to be the universal coverage provisions which President Clinton has said cannot be weakened.

The coalition itself is not sure whom it wants to deal with, and how. So today, several members said after the meeting, they went back to basics and began discussing what an acceptable health insurance bill should contain, not how to achieve it.

Senator John H. Chafee, a Rhode Island Republican, said the group planned to stay in touch with both Mr. Mitchell and Senator Bob Dole of Kansas, the Republican leader, whose bill it also finds unsatisfactory in terms of cost controls. "The ideal objective would be to have everybody aboard," Mr. Chafee said tonight. "But maybe I'm dreaming."

In a reflection of the Senate's uncertainty about the battle lines of health care legislation, the mainstream group attracted one of its largest crowds ever to today's meeting. There were 14 senators present, 7 Republicans and 7 Democrats.


Paging John Nance Garner! by pablo July 16, 2009

Alright Children,
Why is History Important?

Double Oh Oh! by PW July 14, 2009
Cheney, DICK Cheney

Get Goin'! by PW July 13, 2009

Alaska"s growing unemployment, looming deficit, plummeting oil revenue, corruption investigation...
now seems a good time to take off to the lower 48!

Who Would Jesus Barrelroll? by PW July 10, 2009

Who Would Jesus Barrelroll?

Wingnut's Mourn the Death of Christian Military Maneuvers

World's Toughest Job by PW July 09, 2009

Morning Needs Closure by PW July 08, 2009

Morning Needs Closure

Cinci Bunny Ranch by PW July 08, 2009

Let's Make a Deal! by PW July 07, 2009

Obama Cleans Up After Rahm

I Quit! Now Elect Me! by PW July 06, 2009

Sarah's Straight Talk to Oblivian

Gold Rules Our World by PW July 05, 2009

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