Lost in a Netherworld by pablo December 13, 2009


I'm sure everyone has a story like this to relate, but I get a chance to illustrate it!
Yesterday I was in a big box mega retailer, waiting in line behind a cell phone gabbing middle aged female that was having a tough time dealing with here credit card payment. When it seemed like her purchase was finally completed, she headed to the door..

The cashier yelled at the greeter (location giveaway) that the woman needed to return and sign for her purchase. Slightly miffed, but still gabbing, the lady returned, signed, and headed, again for the door.
With an "Oh my god", the cashier called to the greeter to get the woman's attention for a second time, and have her return to take the bag with her purchase that she had left laying on the counter.
With nary a break in her conversation, she returned, picked up the bag, and exited to the parking lot, climbed in her SUV and head off into the world, with, I can imagine, nary a thought about speed, stop light, nor other pesky vehicles!

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