Chambliss's Head by pablo September 9, 2009

Redneck Scumbag Puts his Massa Mind to Work Telling the Commander in Chief
to Mind His Place!
(in typical racist code)
FYI: He's my friggin Senator too! ARRRRUGH!

Or What?

Saxby Chambliss... hmmm that name rings a bell...oh yeah, he's that unpatriotic piece of human shit that ran against American hero, triple amputee Max Cleland.
During the Campaign, Saxby, (what kind of name is that? Something to do with chicken wings, or chickenhawk maybe) questioned Max's patriotism, and said Max sustained his horrendous wounds "while on a BEER RUN"!

Here's a toon I made last year using a little wishful thinking!

PS: He won the runoff. There is no God!

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