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Doofus! by pablo May 30, 2011

Attention! Alert! News Flash!

The Donald and The Wasillan are meeting at Trump Tower!

Doofus! by pablo May 30, 2011

Tim Pawlenty's new campaign slogan: 'Any doofus can go to Washington'

Boner...heh heh by pablo May 29, 2011

Weinergate, Day Two: the Anthony Weiner Affair Theory

hundreds other!

Google? by pablo May 28, 2011

French Toast! by pablo May 27, 2011

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Meets Barack and Michelle Obama

The Muckluk Madonna by pablo May 27, 2011

Thank You Sarah, For Saving the Race!

No...Shit! by pablo May 26, 2011

No Retreat on Medicare

Thank You Paul Ryan!!!!!!!!!!!! by pablo May 25 2011

The Medicare Collection

Democrats, a word to the wise
Strengthen and ENLARGE Medicare,
and the House of Representatives is
(maybe this time you will do something with it!)

Oh Yeah Social Security Too!

GOP's Death Vouchers by pablo May 24 2011


Ideologues of Idiocy by pablo May 22 2011

Food Fight! by pablo May 22 2011

Herman Cain For President Campaign Launches

The Godfather of...Something!

Caldifornia! by pablo May 21 2011

BiBi the DoDo by pablo May 20 2011

Dear Mr. Netanyahu, Please Don't Speak to My President That Way

One Hot Momma Grizzly! by pablo May 20 2011

Sarah Palin Says She Has 'Fire In The Belly' Ahead Of 2012

Cornyn Dog by pablo May 20 2011

Cornyn Dog

Republicans Filibuster Goodwin Liu

2 Down! by pablo May 19 2011

1 Gone...1 Descending (Rapidly)

Show Me the Money! by pablo May 19 2011

Why Do You Think He's Not Running?

Because Grifters Always Follow the Money

Even Crackers

Crash Test Dummies by pablo May 19 2011

GOP Demolition Derby

Could It Be? by pablo May 18 2011

DINO ALERT!!!!! by pablo May 17 2011

Durbin: Democrats willing to bargain with Social Security and Medicare


Fool's Gold by pablo May 16 2011

Golden Slumbers

Would You Buy an Ingot From This Idiot?

Steprich Wife? by pablo May 14 2011

Mrs Gingrich III wasn't an android until after she married Newt. Here they are when they were just screwing around and he was still married to Mrs G II . She looked like a nice young thing, didn't she? Obviously her years with the old geezer have not been good for her health.
h/t nutella, Balloon Juice

Serial Pre-existing Conditioner by pablo May 14 2011

Serial Pre-existing Conditioner

John King and Ed Gillespie Ignore That Voters Might Care What Ended Gingrich's First Two Marriages

Georgia Rules by pablo May 13 2011

Dozens of Stories

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? by pablo May 13 2011

Poll: Plurality Oppose Raising Debt Ceiling, But Many Undecided
(or are too fucking stupid to know what a debt ceiling is!)

Nuthin From Nuthin = by pablo May 12 2011

Brinksmanship For Dummies

Dumber & Dumberer by pablo May 11 2011

Feed on THOSE Teats

When ignorance and confusion are the heart of the problem
Wherein Alan K. Simpson is Taken DOWN!

Fun With Photoshop! by pablo May 10 2011

NEW YORK (AP) - An Orthodox Jewish newspaper on Monday apologized for digitally deleting Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton from a photo of President Barack Obama and his staff watching Navy SEALs move in on Osama bin Laden.

Sorry, here's what they should have printed...

Here's what they REALLY WANTED to print!

Like P,B,&J by pablo May 9 2011

Face of Evil!2 by pablo May 9 2011

Cheney's Greatest Hits Reunion Tour

Wife Abuse?

Face of Evil! by pablo May 8 2011

David Koch Gives President Obama Zero Credit for Bin Laden's Death

Tanning Oil by pablo May 6 2011

House GOP Blocks Vote On Oil Subsidies

Condaliar Rice by pablo May 6 2011

Lawrence O'Donnell and Condi Rice at loggerheads in testy interview

Once a Ho....

Got Gas? by pablo May 4, 2011

Everybody Knows the
President Sets Gas Prices!

Proof Positive by pablo May 4, 2011


And he's not only merely dead,
he's really most sincerely dead.

(psst...Here's the plan....hold the pictures for a couple of weeks, then, after the crowds reach "peak wingnut" get them out there, and watch heads explode...AGAIN!

Erasing the Past? by pablo May 4, 2011

President's Report Card Released!

Valerie Jarrett to Trump: You Can Forget About the Obama's School Records

All Hands on Deck! by pablo May 2, 2011

Trump You! by pablo May 2, 2011

A man, a plan... and Photoshop CS5

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