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A man, a plan... and Photoshop CS5

Trump You! by pablo April 27, 2011

Not a True Long Form Document

Basket Case by pablo April 24, 2011

Phone Home! by pablo April 23, 2011

Think It's Only
in Britain?

Rupert's Phone Hacking Mega-Problem

Have They No Shame.....NO! by pablo April 22, 2011

Supply Side
Snake Oil Meme

Oh What Tangled Web They Weave...

Hostage Taking by pablo April 22, 2011

GOPers will likely hold debt-limit increase hostage to spending caps

The Steaks Are High by pablo April 20, 2011

Kobe Beef?

Koch Has Gas by pablo April 20, 2011

Koch Industries Lackeys Admit To Manipulating Oil Prices…And Gloat About It, Too

Obama Could Lose

We Win By Losing? by pablo April 10, 2011

We Win By Losing? by pablo April 9, 2011

Tell Me Again About Chicago Politicians!

2011 is not 1995

Gov. Shutdown? by pablo April 8, 2011


The GOP Plan by pablo April 8, 2011

Unless THIS Happens!

Shut Down & Pay Up! by pablo April 7, 2011

Atlas Loans!

Dem Dems Did It! by pablo April 7, 2011

Now Mike Pence tells the House: 'Shut it Down!'

Suck It! by pablo April 7, 2011

Push 'Em Back! by pablo April 7, 2011

Whatta Clown! by pablo April 6, 2011

Dana Milbank :

“This is not a budget,” Paul Ryan said as he introduced the Republicans' 10-year budget plan. “This is a cause.”

Truer words have never been spoken.

The document released by the chairman of the House Budget Committee isn't a serious budget proposal because it fails at the central mission of ending the deficit and taming the debt.


Harold Meyerson : If it does nothing else, the budget that House Republicans unveiled Tuesday provides the first real Republican program for the 21st century, and it is this:

Repeal the 20th century.

Class Warfare! by pablo April 5, 2011

The Mega-Rich Have Declared War Against Ordinary Americans

Step Right Up! by pablo April 5, 2011

Ya Takes Yer Chance

Current Coverage GOP Coverage

Hope? Tried That. by pablo April 5, 2011

Kick 'em Down the Road by pablo April 4, 2011

Fixing Medicare in 20
Friedman Units!

The "Fix" is In!
Incredibly, This Really Happened

Fraud the Voters! by pablo April 3, 2011

Ohio Passes Most Restrictive Voter ID Law

Burnin' Love Hate by pablo April 1, 2011

Well, The Numbskull Did It!
So Far 20 Dead.
If I Lived in Gainesville Florida, I Think a Road Trip Was in Order!

Pastor's Koran burning fueled violence that killed 20

Gainesville on High Alert

Rev. Terry Jones
That's what i want my minister to look like...
he's got that Christ-like Semetic
good ol boy thing going on.

Childbirth Labor by pablo April 1, 2011

Tea Party to roll back US Child labor laws

Everybody's Friend! by pablo April 1, 2011

The Political War In Washington Threatens a Government Shutdown Next Month

Writes David Johnson of the GOP, "Their election strategy for 2010 was to obstruct everything and keep the economy from creating jobs, and then blame Democrats. It worked. So now they're doing it even more. But is that the whole plan? In every instance Republicans are obstructing the very things that can help the economy recover and provide the jobs people need. Everything they do is aimed at making things worse. It is hard to understand their actions except as a systematic attempt to blow up the economy." Tom Frank called Republicans the "Wrecking Crew" in a book of the same name well before they were able to beat up on a flabby, dispirited and poorly organized Democratic Party led by a President who wants to be everyone's friend. Time Magazine said of his book, "Frank offers one damning anecdote after another. The Wrecking Crew explains how cynical conservatives have wrested control of the government by railing against its very existence, all while using federal perches to funnel billions into the pockets of lobbyists and the corporations they represent."

As Steve Koss explains, "According to Frank, the conservative worldview is totally committed to 'the ideal of laissez faire, meaning minimal government interference in the marketplace, along with hostility to taxation, regulation, organized labor, state ownership, and all the business community's other enemies.

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